Who Applies for a Payday Loan and Can They Really Help?

Just a simple search online will reveal literally hundreds of different short term lenders all promoting their own payday loans. For borrowers who are stressed and in need of cash urgently, it can be confusing trying to choose a good lender and wade through the many adverts, websites, and options. And unfortunately, not all lenders operate fair lending practices, so an applicant needs to be careful which lender they decide to do business with. One question we are often asked is – Who really applies for a short term payday loan, and, will a Payday loan really help me?Here is the honest answer to both these questions. A Payday loan can help you in times of a shortage in cash, or a financial emergency. It is a form of loan that has been designed for you to access quickly and repay quickly. As a result, it is a great solution for many millions of people who want a simple and fast way to borrow the money they need.All sorts of people use Payday loans to help them get through a financial emergency. Working people of all ages and all backgrounds – men and women – are all applying for and successfully using Payday loans to access much needed cash until they receive their wage.It is a myth that only the very poor or low income families use a payday loan. This is just not the case. As a trusted lender, we can confirm that applicants with all levels of income have successfully applied for and received a payday loan. The criteria for borrowing a short term loan are simple – you must be over eighteen and in employment, and earning a regular wage. This covers a huge range of ages, and levels of income!We believe the media has created a negative image of people who use Payday loans. It is an image which is entirely unjustified, unfair and inaccurate. While there may be some borrowers who over-stretch themselves by borrowing too much from a variety of financial institutions, the majority of borrowers will take out their loan and then repay it fully within a few weeks.Contrary to what can be read in the press, most people value the service a good Payday lender provides, and it is only a small majority of people who are not able to repay the loans they took out.Just like any form of credit, it is important that you consider your options carefully, and read the terms and conditions of the loan you are planning to apply for. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a borrower will help you to decide the best course of action to take, and the level of loan to apply for.We acknowledge that Payday loans are not the best option for everyone, and if you are struggling with long term debts, or if you have an extremely low income, or no income at all, then we suggest you consider other options that may be available to you, or that you seek advice from a credit adviser. Whatever your personal circumstances, there is help available for everyone.If you are eligible to apply for a short term cash advance, you can do so whenever you need the facility. Because of the short term nature if these loans, they are repaid quickly. By paying off your loan when agreed, you will build a good relationship with your lender, and then you can reapply for another one in the future if you need it.The main advice is that regardless of your age and your income level, if you understand how Payday loans work and you meet the eligibility requirements, there is no reason why you can’t apply, and successfully borrow some cash for a short period of time.