Automotive Insurance Cards – Why You Must Have One

Automotive insurance cards are proof that you have auto insurance. This is given by the insurance company where you insured your car. This is a mandatory, by law to bring this with you whenever you drive your car. In the case where you violate any traffic rule, most of the traffic enforcers will ask about your automotive insurance card.Usually when you purchase insurance, the company will issue you a card. Or, even if you renew your auto insurance, the card will be sent to you by the insurance company. In your renewal registration application affirms your signature and noted that you are properly insured throughout the registration period.This is not in one state only but most of the states required anyone who drives a car should keep a proof of insurance by means of insurance card, either keep it in the glove compartment or wallet all times. Disobeying the law by not bring this insurance card could face penalties or even loss of your license.Take note, insurance cards can be fake or imitate by some people so one must be careful. The insurance cards are not the same with other insurance and that depends on what state you belong. In the insurance cards, it stated the policyholder’s name, the year, car model and the car or auto identification number and as well as the expiration of the auto insurance.Actually this card is presented when you have an accident, when police stop you which is part of their proactively to be sure that you are ensured. Usually the card is often what they ask as proof that your auto is insured. If ever you cannot present it, they give you ticket as uninsured motorist.Complying with the law can have peace of mind. Actually this is for the good of the driver and the passengers as well. This is for the safety of the driver and the passenger since accident does occur without your knowing.Here are the penalties for not having your card:* Fines* Get your license or revoked the registration* Might be in jailThe reason why your card is helpful it is because if ever you meet an accident, it is easy to access to your insurance or in order to exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident and if ever you were stop by traffic enforcer due to over speeding, there is no hassle or fines since you have proof that your car or vehicle is insured due to the insurance card you have.Since there are many people driving on the road each day and hundreds of car on the road, everyday there is an accident occurs on the road. So, in order to recognize people with insurance, the law required them to have the card with them when they drive. Although there are people who don’t have one and what they got is a fake card which is punishable by law in bringing fake insurance card while driving.Remember that when you are found having fake cards for auto, you can face felony charges and that might be steep fines, short term jail and suspension of your driver licensed. So why go for fake cards if you can find cheaper automotive insurance which can issue you a legal insurance card.